For all my Canva users, here are some classy and timeless font pairings I put together for your designs. These fonts do not require Canva Pro, so it should be free and accessible! My taste may be subjective but I hope you can get inspired and mix-match similar fonts! 

Le Jour Serif & Brittany

A “hopelessly romantic” font combo. Handwritten fonts can add a touch of intimacy and personality to a brand. Most of my clients love the serif and handwritten combo!

Dream Avenue & Billion Miracles

Dreamy and calming — this font combo evokes a sense of tranqulity and imagination. I would use this font combo for ASMR videos or a brand that represents wellness. 

Tan Meringue & Montserrat

I love this eye-catching retro font combo! This combo looks like it could go well for a vintage clothing store or jewelry boutique shop. 

Pinyon Script & Arapey

Classy with that parisian look. Reminds me of Aime Leon Dore vibes. This font pairing looks good for menus or wedding invitations.

Safira March & Mukta Mahee

Sleek and sophisticated, this luxurious font combo is great for classy restaurants/hotels or relaxing get-away spas.

Giaza & Atteron

Very Turkish and old world. I think this looks good for a modern pop-up shop or dessert bar. I can also see it for a cute nail salon!

Pinyon Script & The Seasons

Very romantic, cozy, and warm. This font combo reminds me of holiday cards or the cover of a playbill. 

Balgin & Kage

This is probably one of my favorites. I think the font Kage is beautiful for any women-owned brands. The combo would look  amazing for product labels or merch.

Lovelo & Marcellus

Fun and modern! Use these minimalist fonts for clean and simple branding.