You just set up your domain name and you want to create a professional email address. I personally use Google Workspace Mail and pay about $6 a month. If you have Siteground Hosting, your domain name must be pointed to Siteground name servers ( and or any private DNS provided by SiteGround). My website service will ensure your name servers are set up correctly. However, if you are doing this on your own, here is how you modify your MX records in Siteground for Google Workspace Mail.

Why Is It Important to Have a Professional Email Address?

When you use a professional email address that incorporates your brand or business name, it makes it easy for customers to look up your company and your website for more information. This can help you establish trust with potential customers, leading to successful partnerships in business.

How to Modify Your MX Records for Google Workspace Mail in Siteground

1) From your Siteground account, click on Websites on the top tab.

2) Go to Site Tools -> Domain -> DNS Zone Editor -> MX tab and click the Switch to Google MX records button. If you want to set your main domain to work with Google Workspace, do not fill anything in the Name field. If you want a subdomain to work with Google workspace fill it in the Name field.

How to Modify Your MX Records for Google Workspace Mail

3) Click Create. This will delete all existing MX records for your domain and create new ones that point to Google’s service.

4) Next, you must edit your domain’s SPF record so that your mail server will accept emails sent from your domain only if they are sent from a list of trusted servers. To do that, go to Site Tools -> Email -> Authentication -> select your domain/subdomain -> click on the pencil icon on the Include List line -> delete the existing entries by clicking the minus sign and add only:

How to Modify Your MX Records for Google Workspace Mail

I hope you find this helpful!!

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