Pinterest is a great tool for creating a mood board for your logo because it offers several features that make it easy to collect, organize, and share ideas.

Before we dive into the design process, add us on Pinterest!

  1. Visual inspiration: Pinterest is a visual platform, making it easy to search for and save images of logos that you like. This can help you get a sense of the types of logos that resonate with you and give you ideas for your own design.
  2. Research: Pinterest can be a great resource for researching different design styles, colors, fonts, and trends. You can search for keywords related to your brand or industry and see what other designers are doing in your space.
  3. Collaboration: We can invite you (and others) to contribute to your mood board.  If you want your brand under wraps, we can make it a shared “secret” board.
  4. Mobile app: Pinterest has a convenient mobile app that allows you to add pins to your mood board on the go, making it easy to save ideas wherever you are.

Overall, Pinterest is a versatile and user-friendly platform that makes it easy to create a mood board for your logo and gather inspiration from a wide range of sources.

Here is an example project we did with NAAAP Boston when we branded their theme “Unifying Visionaries”.

Shared Pinterest Board

Mood Board


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