Custom WPForm Installation

Is your form too basic with the standard “Name, Email, Message” fields? Avidbits can customize your WPForm with dynamic fields, drop downs, radio buttons, free text, photo upload options, and more. Choose from an array of field types and design your own layouts to capture precisely the information you need.

1) First select the WPForm plan you want to purchase.

Disclaimer: This contain an affiliate link that you can use to purchase at no extra cost to you. I earn from qualifying purchases and only recommend products I love and have used. Thanks for supporting my business! 

2) Once you set up your account, email us your login details so that we can verify your WPForms license key. Be sure to prepare form fields and questions so that we can customize the form for you.

WPForm effortlessly integrates with your self-hosted WordPress website and we will work with you to test the form so that it is ready to capture leads and drive conversions!

Click below for the installation service

The installation will be completed within 24-48 hours (Monday-Friday) once we received all info required.



✓ We verify license key in WordPress settings for you
✓ We install form in specified page
✓ Test form to make sure it’s working
✓ Advanced form fields: drop downs, radio buttons, multiple checkboxes, free text, etc.
✓ Conditional logic
✓ File or photo uploads
✓ Form notifications
✓ Spam protection
✓ Mobile-responsive
✓ Email or Discord support

what you need

✓ Self-hosted WordPress website
✓ WordPress URL with username/password
✓ WPForm license key
✓ Form fields and questions

not included

✓ WordPress self-hosted sites only. Does not support Shopify, Squarespace, WIX, or other platforms.
✓ Limit to one site only


If you still have questions, contact me via the contact page or


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